Cost Savings on Storage, Productivity and Recovery Solutions

Over the last 15 to 20 years, firms of all sizes have shifted their focus into digitizing documents for compliance, productivity and cost savings.

Even a well-organized filling system can present time consuming challenges when trying to locate a single document. Physical files can be expensive to store and are ultimately not secure from theft and damage.

CSP Business solutions can help you with document scanning so that you can experience the ease of reproducing, filing, and retrieving important material without having to deal with the limitations and restrictions of paper files.

Why Scan?

Scanning will improve your  daily process and procedures, and give you quick, secure access to vital documents.

There are various ways to store your documents: On-Site, digital storage or via Cloud.


Digitizing is a better and faster way of accessing your documents. For firms that have remote workers,  scanning makes it easier to access documents – including daily received documents that come in the mail and via couriers. Digitization is also an ideal solution for those who are out of town on business and need to remotely access their documents without having to ship or carry them.


Scanned images are easy to share and can be accessed and viewed at the same time by multiple employees. Your firm’s library is at your fingertips – no more waiting for documents to be returned or time wasted having to physically search for them.

Compliance & Security

Many industries are beginning to see that converting from paper to digital files creates an opportunity for better compliance. It’s difficult to manage paper files if they get into the wrong hands, but encrypted digital files are well-protected and can only be viewed and shared by authorized employees.

Benefits of Scanning

  • Lower Storage Cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Quick Retrieval
  • Better Organization
  • Easily Share Documents
  • Improved Security