I felt maybe I could have gotten a few more (offers)

Data scientist Rub Rodr Casa similarly found that Suarez’s account was able to retweet as many as 69 posts in a single second. Army, where he said served at Fort Hood from October 2010 until October 2016. He currently lists himself as a self employed Full Stack Developer and an Application Developer for RoadVantage, a Texas based automotive company.

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Andrew: Yeah, that was with the help of a paid coach and my wife coaching me, right? She’d be listening to the calls and she’d be like, when I’d hang up, she’d be like, okay honey, that was good but next time you might want to try to say it this way. So anyway, it took me a while. I wasn’t good at it.

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They 15 17, having lost their last two, which isn what they expected after sweeping the Worcester Bravehearts in the John Creedon Jr. Ownership Series in front of a good crowd at Holman Stadium on Wednesday night. They did it in dramatic fashion, winning the nightcap with four runs in the bottom of the last inning, the winning run scoring from third on a wild pitch..

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